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We offer residential wastewater systems to protect the environment and your largest asset.

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BioHarmony’s goal is to provide our clients with the very best sewage treatment options, specific to their home.  Homes that are in small or rural communities have to rely on on-site systems to dispose of and treat their household waste. The temptation is to go with a septic system, because that’s what you have heard of.

However, did you know that soil conditions, frequency of usage, topography, vegetation in the area, regulations, and other site considerations all affect the type of waste disposal system that is best for the home? Not all lots are suited for all types of systems. In addition, health and governmental standards must be upheld.

BioHarmony’s experts know how to identify and address provincial regulations and requirements for wastewater systems. We offer solutions that give the homeowner a complete picture of their available options.

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Clients & Testimonials

Making Clients Happy and Protecting The Environment Since 1995

  • We have had a BioHarmony unit at our cottage since 2006. The equipment has functioned exceptionally well. The staff have maintained the equipment regularly and have kept us informed about the working of the system. We have been totally pleased with the equipment and service and have recommended BioHarmony to many other friends.
    Darryl A
    System Installed: Jun 02 2005
  • Excellent Decision

    When our summer home burned to the ground and we had to rebuild under current CRTC guidelines, we needed to have an improved septic disposal system. Going with BioHarmony has proved, over the past four years, to have been an excellent decision. To date the system has been trouble free.
    Gordon M
  • Trouble Free

    I have had my BioCycle system for two and a half years now. It has been completely trouble-free. The service man who does the quarterly maintenance is always friendly and helpful.
    Julia R
    System Installed: Sept 19 2008
  • I'm writing to express my great appreciation for the professionalism of your company, and for the fine work you've done over the years for my sewage Treatment Plant. Particularly, the instantaneous response to the leak in my plant in November, 2012 was an example of your exemplary service.  Your people were as concerned as if it were their own installation; and the extraordinary work to save my system is not forgotten. In these days of often-cursory-service, it is a breath of fresh air to be treated so well.
    Nick Frost