BioHarmony is a proud distributor of the BIONEST treatment systems for small commercial wastewater projects.

BIONEST Wastewater Treatment System

The BIONEST advanced treatment system reproduces, maintains and enhances the natural purification process normally performed in soil. Biological treatment takes place in an underground tank to minimize the occupation of land. The controlled environment helps to eliminate all residues from wastewater that are harmful to your health and the environment.

The BIONEST system offers high performance water purification using a simple, efficient and durable technology. Its treatment quality/price ratio is unparalleled. The BIONEST system stands out with its patented non-biodegradable media. Biomass (good bacteria) develops and firmly attaches to both sides of the BIONEST ribbon shaped polymer media. The high population of bacteria and the support offered by the media for their growth provide the reactor with an outstanding performance and resistance to hydraulic shocking (peak flow). The BIONEST system requires no external clarifier or sludge storage basin.

The major portion of the reactor is aerated through linear air pumps and fine bubble diffusers. They provide turbulent conditions to ensure enhanced treatment. Multiple pumps are used to supply air to the reactor allowing for redundancy, thus ensuring continuing treatment even during maintenance or failure of one or more air pumps.

Among the many benefits:

  • Simple and robust components
  • Low operating cost
  • Completely buried
  • No treatment building required
  • Odourless

We carry a wide range of wastewater systems for larger jobs. They include Mobile home parks, campgrounds, work camps and other remote site applications. Please contact us for more information.