BioCycle 5000 & 6000 Residential Wastewater Treatment System

Biocycle Wasterwater SystemOur proprietary system offers your home benefits that stagnant septic tanks just can’t compete with. The BioCycle System is not only better for the environment, it may help increase the property value of your home while conserving water; a valuable resource.

The BioCycle 5000 & 6000 series are a compact Aerated Wastewater Treatment Plant, designed to treat all household wastewater right on-site, in a four-chamber, fully self-contained unit.

 In a traditional septic system, the fluids are held in a tank until they separate on their own over time. We found that providing flow to the waste made a world of difference in how it is broken down. The BioCycle plant is a miniaturized version of a municipal sewage treatment plant! When the wastewater leaves the home, its work is just beginning.

 The BioCycle system pushes the wastewater through the four chambers, each serving a different purpose. All human wastewater (influent) enters the BioCycle plant where natural occurring anaerobic and aerobic bacteria digest all wastewater organic material. The resulting effluent (treated wastewater) is odorless, clear, clean and, where required, disinfected. It is by far one of the safest and healthiest ways of sewage and wastewater disposal in the world.

 The system is clean, efficient, silent, and reliable. There are no inconvenient septic trench overflows or odors. The water from your system can be used to irrigate your non-edible garden. It is safe and clean; just what healthy plants and flowers need. In fact, it’s just what the environment needs!

Don't Take Our Word For It

Replaced Failing Septic Tank

We had a BioCycle - Type II wastewater treatment system installed at our residence, on October 20th, 2008, to replace a failing septic system. The installation was planned by Mr. B. Rumsey, owner/operator of Okanagan BioCycle. The installation required the services of other contractors at specific times during the installation process, all of which were coordinated by Mr. Rumsey, in a manner which allowed for a timely finish of the project, and with minimal disruption of our daily household function. Our system is working well and we feel very pleased, through the use of our BioCycle system, to be able to treat our environment with the respect that it deserves. We would highly recommend this type of system, and Okanagan BioCycle, to anyone who is seeking an environmentally friendly solution to the treatment of their household wastewater.
BioHarmony Wasterwater Treatment Solutions
Geoffrey & Kathleen V.
System Installed: Oct 21 2008

Produces Clear and Odour Free Water

Our BioCycle system was installed September 2001. Other than regular maintenance we have had no trouble. The effluent that we pump to the field is as clear and odour free as some folks tap water. BioCycle is truly an amazing system.
BioHarmony Wasterwater Treatment Solutions
Vern S
System Installed: Sept 10 2001

The Highest Environmental Standards

When we built our new home on Okanagan Lake, we wanted an environmentally friendly septic system. After some research we found that the "BioCycle" System best addressed our needs. BioHarmony designed, installed and maintains our "BioCycle" system. All their work has been of the highest standards and we are pleased we chose "BioCycle".
BioHarmony Wasterwater Treatment Solutions
Peter A
System Installed: Sept 20 2004